STILIMBA - Dale Stilimba

STILIMBA - Dale Stilimba album cover

Steel pans & marimba = Stilimba – and the combination of these two instruments also builds the base for Stilimba music. Members of the group come from Finland, Bolivia and Senegal; as they put their cultural heritage together the result is music that is playful, has a gentle and soft goove – and is definitely original! Maarika Autio, Mikko Nousiainen, Pedro Castellón, Tuomo Kuure and Ousseynou Mbaye each give the music something of their own – and the joyous multi-lingual ‘Stilimbatia’ is born. Dale Stilimba (Go Stilimba go!) – is recorded by Jukka Viiri at Global Mobile Studio.

 Packed in a digipak sleeve.