Nefes - Damla

Nefes - Damla cover

The third Nefes-album Damla ('a drop') marks the impressive, almost 30 years long journey of this Helsinki based group. Through the arrangements of the tracks on this recording the group crosses boundaries boldly from Turkish music to many others – e.g. to blues. You will find also two beautiful traditional tunes for children.
Yet another track to be mentioned is Nikriz Peşrev by Ismaîl Hakki Bey (1866-1927), which has seldom been recorded.

11 songs, CD in Carton Sleeve + downloadable booklet


Yonca Ermutlu – vocals, percussion
John Millar – clarinets (Bb, A and Turkish clarinet), neys
Kai Olander – alto saxophone, bass clarinet, neys, zurna
Panu Helke – bouble bass, alto recorder
Pekka Nylund – cümbüs, ud, buzouki, electric and acoustic guitar, rain stick
Leif Karlson – kanun
Christer Hackman – darbuka
Murat Ermutlu – daire, bendir, zil, backing vocals

On Damla-album – track 8 - visiting artists:

Göksel Baktagİr – kanun
Neva Özgen - klasİk kemençe