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Saïsba – photo: Kyösti Karila
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Ismaila Sané's musical repertoire is wide and long. Saïsba - Ismaila Sané band performs Sané's music with a catchy touch. In this fusion group the West African traditions mix in with afrobeat, rock, funk, jazz and Latino rhythms.

Ismaila Sané is a percussionist, professional dancer and singer. In his music you can always hear a certain dance beat that takes the audience along. The line-up of the band varies depending on the event and venue. All members of Saïsba are professional musicians. Band leader Ismaila Sané is a well known master of djembe, bougarabou and other percussions. His career dates back to 1974 in Dakar, Senegal where he worked as percussionist and solo dancer at Ballets Bougarabou. Sané has received a lot of recognition during his career; in Finland he has been awarded by the Kalevala Women's Association as well as the Ministry of Education and Culture. The latter awarded group Galaxy with the prestigious Finland Prize in 2005.

Ismaila Sané has published a solo record Ñamandu in 1999. In Finland Ismaila Sané is known also as a band member of Piirpauke, Senfi, Galaxy and Buddha Surfers.

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Technical information

Performances can last from 30 minutes up to 2 hours. Duration of the concert is always negotiable. PA system needed. For technical rider, contact Senfi Productions.