Fumusic Studio / I-Han Fu

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Fumusic Studio / I-Han Fu - photo: Chi-Ling Wu
Chi-Ling Wu


I-Han is a multi-talented percussion player who specializes in playing the Cajon and the Indian Tabla. I-Han finished his BA degree in percussion in Taiwan and received his MA degree from Conservatorium van Amsterdam in 2015. His remarkable talent and ability have given him the opportunities to perform all over the world with distinguished orchestras and ensembles. He is an expert in fusion and improvisation with a wide range of styles such as classical, jazz, and folk music. Fumusic Studio was founded in September 2020 by I-Han Fu. The mission is to promote music through performances, festivals, lectures, and education. Through these manners, it will not only share the knowledge and idea of music but also build up a bridge of different cultural exchange through various intercultural artistic activities.

I-Han Fu - tabla, cajon, percussions
+various line-ups.

Technical information

The performance duration is flexible, which could be from 5 minutes to 2 hours. 
Requirements for amplification.