Etnosoi! Festival 2020 Helsinki, Espoo, Tampere

Sam Lee will perform at Etnosoi! Festival 2020 (photo by Dominick Tyler )

Sam Lee (UK), Lalala Napoli (FR), Kanae Nozawa (JP), Emmi Kuittinen & Ikuisen ikävän orkesteri (FI), Sakari Kukko - Afro Chamber (FI/SN/BF), Seaside Sounds from Finland: Maria Kalaniemi, Marianne Maans, Juulia Salonen and Désirée Saarela. Etnosoi! for Kids!
These news now and even more news in the autumn: - please check the programme and mark the dates in your calendar.

Etnosoi! is organised by the Global Music Centre music institute -

Stay safe! Have a lovely summer!

(Sam Lee photo by Dominick Tyler)