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Transit Cafe is bringing together different cultures, playing styles and personalities together with fresh and unique way. Transit Café is a fusion of many, often considered each other as foreign elements: Persian mysticism, Nordic lyricism, South American joy of life and adventurous nature of jazz. The band consists of wide-ranging music professionals who are familiar from the Finnish folk music, jazz, pop and world music circles. The idea has been to bring together musicians from all kinds of backgrounds and musical styles and combine their creativity and knowledge to create unique and fresh music.

The band was founded in 2010 and consists of longtime musicians. The band has performed in Helsinki and elsewhere in Finland in various music festivals.

Markus Jaatinen - Drums, Percussion
Marouf Majidi - Tanbour, vocal
Mikko Rajala - Vocals, bass
Benjamin Hirschovits - Violin
Pekka Seppänen - clarinet, saxophones

Technical Information

The band performs acoustic or with amplification, depending on the venue.


Marouf Majidi
tel. +358 (0)40 123 93 66

Mikko Rajala
tel. +358 (0)41 529 28 79