Suõmmkar is the first band in the world to combine old Skolt Sámi traditional music (leuʹdd, quadrille) with contemporary folk and pop influences.

Suõmmkar started performing in 2016 and has performed in Finland and in Norway, i.a. Riddu Riđđu festival at 2018. The band released their debut album "Suõmmkar" in August 2018 at the Ijahis idja festival in Inari. The feelings of the album vary from brisk cathartic laughter to poetic, sorrowful ballads, and leuʹdds, melodic true stories reflecting life itself. In the winter of 2021, the single "Ǩeäʹdǧǧ" from the upcoming new album was released. 

Anna Lumikivi - leu´dd, vocals
Hanna-Maaria Kiprianoff - leu´dd, vocals
Marko Jouste - mandolin, guitar
Pessi Jouste - violin, keyboards
Uula Jouste - bass, keyboards
Elias Nieminen - drums, percussions

Technical Information 

Duration of the set is 45 minutes. An acoustic performance is also possible.