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The group plays salsa, son,cha cha cha etc. in the style of a modern Cuban dance orchestra. The songs vary from traditional son to the most recent timba style. Son Sabroson's members have worked among other with these artists: Yaqueline Castellanos in Martinus-Venue (Vantaa 2001), Chico Alvarez (U.S.A.), Tony Martinez (Cuba), Oscar D'León (Venezuela), Miguel Angel Ramirez (Cuba), Carlos del Puerto (Cuba), Rebecca Mauleón-Santana (U.S.A.) and Michael Mossman (U.S.A.).

Esteban Ferro (Cuba) - vocals
Janina Lehto - vocals
Juhani Lampuoti - tres, leading the orchester
Teemu Mattsson - trumpet
Mikko Pettinen - trumpet
Kaisa Siirala - sax
Arja Paju - bass
Olli Hyttinen - piano
Mika Rytkönen - congas
Ricardo Padilla - drums

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Technical Information

Son Sabroson needs a PA system. Details should be discussed depending on the event.


Juhani Lampuoti
Sinettikuja 4 A 8
02770 Espoo
Tel. +358 (0)50 570 32 94