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Sikuri Finland plays traditional Andean music. Sikuri Finland rehearsals weekly in Helsinki, performs on streets and festivals and organizes workshops. Sikuri Finland is a part of the international sikuri players network.

 Sikuri is a pan flute and a part of the 5000 years old Andean culture history. Originally the bamboo and wooden flutes were made around the Lake Titicaca. From there the flutes have spread all over the land. According the tradition, the flute is always a group instrument; it's played even in a group of 150 people that is called "tropa". The players play flutes, sing, and dance while moving ahead as a parade.

The promoter of Andean culture Cesar Aguilar founded the group in 2007. Sikuri Finland gathers on Sundays in Harju youth centre.

Cesar Aguilar (Peru) - Group leader
 + Many other players. The group is open for everybody, so the line up is changing. If you wish to join the group, contact Silpa Karjunen-Aguilar (contact information below).

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Technical Information

Sikuri Finland plays acoustically and at least with a 4 peoples group. E.g. they give samples of different wind instruments and music styles. The performance can last from many hours to only a few songs. Because of the group's nature, it's best that there is the possibility for moving around.


Silpa Karjunen-Aguilar