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Senfi combines Finnish and Senegalese musical roots to their ethnofusion. Finnish "runo" singing based on Kalevala gets a djembe to its background, whereas Senegalese folk songs are accompanied by kantele.

Music for children:

Senfi is also known from a legendary children's program called Pikku Kakkonen, where they had their own show "Amin kanssa".
Senfi performs constantly in schools and gives workshops for children. In their repertory they have for example ring games and songs for children.

Evening concerts: Their repertory consist also of Finnish folk songs, West-African Mandingo tribe's songs, songs played with the kora instrument and their own songs.

Teaching:  Senfi's Outi and Ismaila are both also experienced teachers. Outi teaches kantele and Ismail teaches djembe and African dancing.

Senfi was born in 1999 as two musicians from a group called Piirpauke decided to start combining Finnish and Senegalese music. Since that the group has performed in Finland as well as abroad. They have also appeared on many recordings, TV shows and radio programs.

Ismaila Sané has a long history in the African music scene. In the year 1975 he started out as a professional African ballet dancer. Since that he has worked as a solo dancer, percussionist, choreographer, pedagogue and singer and songwriter in Senegal. For more information about Ismaila see Wikipedia. Outi Sané started playing kantele at the age of nine. She has studied kantele in the Keski-Suomi Conservatory and in the Liszt Academy in Hungary. Outi has taught kantele playing for 20 years.

Ismaila Sané (Senegal) - djembe, other percussions, vocals
Outi Sané - kantele, vocals


Technical Information

The length of the show and the need of a PA system depend on the occasion.


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