Pentti Vikki
Home Town 

Pentara plays Greek music from the 1930s to 1940s (rebetika). The band's line-up is a traditional Rebetika band. Pentara has played in the Hakasalmi villa, Ruiskumestarin talo, Tuusulan taiteidenyö and Rööperin Rebetika-klubi.

Eero Heimolinna (Finland) - bouzouki and vocals
Vuokko Heimolinna (Finland) - vocals
Petri Tohka (Finland) - baglamas
Heikki Wallenius (Finland) - guitar
Christoffer von Bonsdorff (Finland) - accordion

Technical Information 

Pentara has repertoire for 2-3 hour set, the band can play almost acoustically, but due to the music and the balance of the vocals, some amplification is needed.