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Namira plays mainly rhythmic Arabic folk music. Namira is a society of oriental music and dance. It was founded 2001 in Turku and they have been performing ever since, for example at Kaustinen Folk Music Festival and at the Oriental Dance festival of Finland. In 2003 they prepared a show for children, called Rytmiretki and it was performed in Turku's kindergartens and in NNKY's day care centers. In the same year they also produced an Oriental dance tale "Aicha-myllärintytär" in cooperation with City of Turku Cultural Services and Studio Afifa.


Technical Information

A multicultural concert for children "Muu maa mustikka":

This multicultural concert is designed for kindergarten and school-aged children to make immigrant's music familiar to them. The concert is a musical journey around the world. The music is quite rhythmic and it's played among others with Arabic and African instruments. We are teaching songs and dances from different countries and the children are also allowed to join the show. Together we make the unfamiliar familiar. The concert lasts 45 minutes.


Namira ry
Riikka Campomanes
Puistokatu 10 as 2
20100 Turku
Tel. +358 (0)40 535 7366