Music teachers


Helsingin balalaikkaorkesteri

World second oldest balaika orchestra teaches balaika, domra, etc. playing. Group rehearses in Vuotalo, Helsinki.

Contact info:
Helsingin Balalaikkaorkesteriyhdistys ry
tel. +358 44 288 27 42

I Wayan Sutisna ja Sanna Karlsson-Sutisna

Balinese dances and culture. Lots of teaching experience, Kuopio tanssii ja soi, Caisa Culture Center to mention a few. Also lectures on balinese culture and rebab and gander instruction.

Contact info:
Siivet ry
Korppaanmäentie 38 B 11
00300 Helsinki
tel. (09) 43 62 800
041 5335206

Peali Mitra

Indian classical and folk music teaching to all ages in music schools, daycare centres, hobby groups and schools. Peali Mitra is vocalist in Shankara group, she can also give private lessons.

Contact info:

Peali Mitra
Talonpojantie 5 B 014 Room 4
00790 Helsinki
Tel. 044 3331 429

Prem Gurung

Prem Gurung teaches Newari drumming traditions, he is studying Masters in Global music in Sibelius Academy, Finland. Prem Gurung has bachelors degree from Kathmandu University, Nepal in Ethnomusicology. "I would like to share traditional folk music and highly sophisticated different Newari drumming traditions and it's unique rhythmic pattern. I also play Sarangi (stringed bowed instrument)."

Contact info:

Prem Gurung
tel. +358 46 53 31 327
Vanha Viertotie 21 313
00350 Helsinki


Indian and Nepalese music workshops. For schools and academies.

Contact info:

Lari Aaltonen
Pirkankatu 47 A 2
33230 Tampere
tel. 050 383 41 83

World Music School Helsinki

Music Lessons & InstructionHelsinki


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World Music School Helsinki