Meissa Niang and The Diambaar Band

Meissa Niang and The Diambaar Band - photo: Peeter Viisimaa​Home Town


Meissa Niang (born in 12/7/1971) comes from a large griot family, and he sings and plays traditional Senegalese griot music. In addition, he writes and composes his own songs. With his fabulous band in Senegal and in Finland Meissa Niang sings and plays of course mbalax music, but also afro, funk, jazz and reggae and folk music from Finland.

By his twentieth birthday Meissa Niang with his strong and extraordinary voice had already created a career in the famous Baobab Guygi Band in Senegal. In those times Finnish musician Hasse Walli discovered this young and so talented vocalist and brought him to Finland to perform with his Asamaan Band. Consequently, since 1992 Meissa Niang has been performing with different groups all over the world and continued to spread the tradition of the mbalax music outside his home country, as well as in Senegal.

Meissa Niang has been or is still performing in following groups:
- Kassak and Mbapat, Senegal
- Lewel Band, Pikine, Senegal
- Takknder Band, Senegal
- Baobab Guygi Band, Senegal
- Khalima de Sakhir Thiam and Group Fulla de Dial Mbaye, Senegal
- Hasse Walli and Asamaan; Pori Jazz, Kaustinen Folk Music Festival, Maailma Kylassa
Festival in Helsinki, Faces Festival in Karjaa, Water Festival in Stockholm Sweden,
The 1st Independence Day in Estonia
- Rhytme Ride Band, Finland,
- Galaxy Band, Finland,
- Jaakko Löytty Band, Finland
- Duo Diambaar Band, Finland
- Theather Raatikko, Helsinki Finland
- Good People's Band, Finland,
- Meissa Niang and The Diambaar Band in Finland, in Estonia, in Japan and in Senegal
- Stadin Juhlaorkesteri Band, Helsinki Finland,
- Piirpauke Band, Finland
- Humbalax, Finland

Meissa Niang (Senegal) - percussion and vocals

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Technical Information

Basic sound reproduction requirements, a stage for 5-10 performers, also acoustic performances are possible
A basic performance consists of a concert of 1 - 2 hours during of which Meissa Niang with his band performs 10-12 songs. There can also be many quest musicians and quest dancers, even spontaneously from the audience, which is very typical of the mbalax-tradition. In addition to Meissa Niang's great voice long percussion solos are very essential to the show.


Meissa Niang, Helsinki
Tel. +358 04 466 4308