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Mc Domas' music is traditional Guinea-Bissaun style music with a modern twist played in african rhythms such as gumbeh, reggae, tina and zouk. McDomas sings mainly in Guinea-Bissaun Portuguese based creole, but mixes also English and occasionally Finnish in the lyrics.

Mc Domas is an artistname of guine-bissaun born Domingos Bodjam. He is a singer and songwriter and composer of his music. His roots are firmly in the traditional rhythms of Africa. His lyrics deal with current issues of politics, religion and love and everything in between.

He is a new generation African musician who embraces the traditional style, yet bringing a fresh touch with some contemporary nuances both musically and lyrically.

Domingos Bodjam (Guinea-Bissau) - singer-songwriter, guitar


Technical Information

Can perform as long as required or agreed. Acoustic gigs are doable, for variety sometimes Mc Domas plays with a band also.


Domingos Bodjam
tel. 040 469 01 05