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Kuukumina plays Afro-Cuban dance music, which is probably the most rousing music in the world! They play son and changüi rhythms from the beginning of the 20th century, in their own compositions or rearranged old Cuban songs. In their arrangements they combine new and old Cuban rhythms in a way never heard before in Finland!

Kuukumina is a 7-piece orchestra founded in Helsinki, Finland in 1999. After experimenting with a variety of musical styles from around the world Kuukumina found its home in Afro-Cuban music. Today the repertoire consists of Cuban songs in the styles of son, cha cha cha, bolero, changüi and rumba as well as original music in the same tradition.

The band has performed since year 1999 in various festivals, clubs, concert halls, weddings and birthday parties around Finland. The festivals conquered include e.g. Pori Jazz, Kaustinen Folk Music Festival, April Jazz and Faces Etnofestival. Their first album "Siempre pa'lante" came out in the spring 2009, followed by Circular (2010) and Kámina (2012).

Vili Mustalampi - tres, vocals
Mikko Rajala - guitar, violin, vocals
Tero Rantanen - percussions, vocals
Ricardo Padilla - percussions, vocals
Janina Lehto - flute, vocals
Timo Ylönen - bass
Juuso Hannukainen - percussions

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Technical Information

Kuukumina can play for three hours if asked to! In small venues the band can play acoustically.


Vili Mustalampi
+358 (0) 40 354 04 04

Timo Ylönen
+358 (0) 50 466 58 58