NoSax NoClar (fr)

Two musicians, their instruments in hand find themselves on a strike day on the platform of a station.

​​Their name in negative says a will to do the most with the least. Is this duo only a dialogue between a saxophone and a clarinet? How to go further? To make waves with the strength of two breaths?

Bastien Weeger and Julien Stella have found, with this project, a formula of which they themselves did not suspect all the dimensions. Each piece, each repertoire is
an opportunity to explore the art of dialogue in duo. Two blowers twirl around, accompanying each other.

Their formula has something to touch everyone by the simplicity and by the power of its moving stories. Bastien Weeger and Julien Stella, more humble than they should be,
are rich in a musical culture without borders. Kahmsïn, their first album, was inspired by Celtic (Ireland), Berber or Balkan music traditions to compose freely, with their
own baggage. Rëd Sisters, their second album, continues to revolve around global roots, with Armenia as an added bonus.

Everything is a pretext to search for new ways to play their instruments (clarinet, bass clarinet, alto and soprano saxophone). The play of the textures, but especially the rhythms hold here a fundamental role. Their pirouettes occupy the field, without any protection net, making us almost forget that they are only two to play.

In front of a captivated audience, they were able to generate emotion in a beautiful spirit of sharing.” -Culture Jazz

The evening will begin with the announcement of the "Jazz Legend of the Year" recognition granted by the Music Archive's board.

Nosax Noclar will also perform in Porvoo and Turku.

Tuesday 7.11. at 7 p.m. Porvoo Art Hall
Tickets €17/€15 in advance (, €20 at the door

Wednesday 8.11. at 8 pm Mestarinkatu concert hall / Turku Conservatory and Music College
Tickets 20 euros - at the door from 19:00, cash or card
Tickets must be redeemed by 19:45



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