Dr. Olugander

Home Town 

Dr. Olugander alias Abukpapa The First, was born and brought up in The Gambia. This young & popular, talented versatile Gambian musician started singing at a tender age through the inspiration of his grandfather who was a great cultural musician in his hay days. A fond lover of the music of popular Stars like the South African Lucky Dube(RIP) & Jamaican stars like Cocoa Tea, Bob marley, Bunny Wailer etc. he felt he could use music to bring great changes in the life of young people with his own original style. Known for his philanthropic gestures for the less fortunate poorer class of our communities, olugander was the first musician of his generation in the country, to embarked on giving back projects to support the poor and needy ones through his music performances & charity (Ganders production foundation) donating cooking items & food stuffs to the disaster flood victims of the Gambia on national television, at the office of the vice president in December 2010. He also contributed in the rehabilation of school toilets in wassu upper basic and many other school support related programmes in the Gambia. The cash donation to the blind school of the Gambia in january 2013, & many more on his giving back project to the communities.

In many ways the background of this hard core, soft spoken singer could be compared with that of many great singers around the world, but his professional manner of conducting his career is what set him above the peak. He is flexible, full of confidence in his music, stage performances are always splendid and tremendious. His voice is sweet, smooth, rich of original qualities of a raw born original country man style. His language is excellent; this made and still make the people of his country admiring him so much. He is a role model to the younger generation and a voice for the poor. The title Doctor(Dr) was given to him by his fans who regard him as a musical doctor. The name Olugander' came as a result of his love for the male goose the ˜ GANDER ' which is his favorite animal. Abukpapa is derived from his MANJAGO language, meaning the child of a father, this name his grand father used to call him from inception. Thus, Dr Olugander, the musical Doctor whose favorite pet is the Gander. In 2007 he was Awarded best reggae musician, by the Njawara youth and sports association, in 2008 he won the best reggae song in the Gambia, programme organised by the Saul Sounds in the UK in collaboration with Gambian talents USA. In 2009 he was awarded by AGERA comittee USA, Atlanta Gambians emergency Releif association. Olugander abukpapa the first, is undisputedly the Gambia's international reggae ambassador who had been touring finland since 2008, Estonia, Norway, Germany, Sweden, Usa & many other African countries. Currently based in Finland.

Technical Information 

Performances could be about 1.30 mins or 2 hrs depending on the time and type of show taking place. Performance will be live band music, also pa sound system could do.