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Pekka Nylund Self-Portrait coverPekka Nylund - Self-Portrait Spring 90


“My three guitar compositions were born out of improvisations, aided by open tunings and so on, which led me to find new chord harmonies and melodic progressions. The songs’ structures, themes and solos took on their final form in the recording phase. At times I also used scat singing to support the solo guitar. The two shorter compositions are based on chord harmonies and progressions played on keyboards, which inspired the guitar improvisations played over them.”

Pohjantahti coverPohjantahti


Pohjantahti was founded in 1984. Inspiration to the birth of the group was the upcoming celebration of Kalevala epic in the following year. Their repertoire was based on the music of Finno-Ugric nations especially in the area of the former Soviet Union – and they also played their own compositions on the texts of Kalevala. This material was recorded at the Finnish Broadcasting Company Yle in Helsinki on 13 – 15 August 1985. It’s now released in a new mastered version.