Folk music

Traditoinal West African music
Ahoo Band is a fusion of Arabic, Spanish and Kurdish music using elements of western music and Middle Eastern traditions.
Kantele music with West African, blues and world music influences
Classical and traditional Arabic and Middle Eastern music style
Finnish folk music and children's songs
Bulgarian folk music
Rhythm music from Greece
Oriental music
Music fusion based on Finnish and Chinese traditional instruments and poetry.
West African traditional music
Schlager from underworld telling stories of misery, utopia, melancholy, dystopia and beauty.
Jug band music
Russian folk music
Rhythmic and moving with catchy melodic hooks and literary lyrics
Authentic Turkish folk music from central Anatolia
Fusion and improvisation with a wide range of styles such as classical, jazz, and folk music.
Traditional Kurdish (Guran and Soran)
Mexican Son
Lounge, folk, latino, afro and Bossa nova-influenced instrumental music.
Folk songs from Hawramania
Traditional Karelian songs
Exploring swing, blues and latin rythmes with greek contemporary and rebetiko tunes
West African music
Music from Cape Verde
Modern and traditional Arabic music, Persian, Kurdish and Western music
Folk tunes, Balkan melodies and improvisation form a powerful performance.
Turkish music
A mix of ancient tone of overtone flute, modern but grounded beat of the beatbox and rich and rooted sound of the cittern.
Jewish music
Balkan music
Outlaw country music
Music from the Balkans to the Middle East - from the Mediterranean to the Caucasus.
Irish folk music
Irish music, folk, folkrock
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