Artist sections

Children´s music

Finnish-Senegalese ethnofusion


Urban greek folk music
Liscio / all-around
Instrumental bossa nova / lounge
Fado in finnish and portugese
Soundscapes inspired by Japanese music and the Finnish wilderness.
Irish music, cajun, folk
gypsy jazz-swing, bluegrass, folk
Music from Latin America and Europe
Improvisation influenced by different music styles and cultures
The modern kantele compositions combine folk and world music elements freely with the more progressive sounds and influences
Greek popular music

Hip-Hop and Rap

Afro-hip hop, R&B/African, rap

Latin America

Choro, samba ja bossanova
Salsa band with all the spices
Cuban son etc.
Music from Cape Verde
Traditional Andean music played with siku-flutes
Music from Latin America and Europe