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Finnish forró music
Traditional West African music
Ethno-rock and arabic music
Turkish music
Latin Jazz
The band mixes world music rhythms with electronic dance music and African desert blues.
Brazilian choro with Nordic spices
Acoustic guitar music
African reggae
A mix of ancient tone of overtone flute, modern but grounded beat of the beatbox and rich and rooted sound of the cittern.
gypsy jazz-swing, bluegrass, folk
Reggae, afro-caribbean music and traditional music from Zambia
West african music, sabar, djembe, doundoun, afrobeat
Indian fusion
Greek music from the 1930s to 1940s (rebetika).
Modern reggae and traditional music, hip hop
Tanzanian music and dance
Rock, salsa, merengue, afro-proge, bluegrass influenced children's music
Funk with afro and latino influences.
Rebetiko and Greek Urban music
World fusion
Bhajans and qawwali music from India peninsula