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Senegalese modern and traditional music
Indonesian gamelan
Traditional Kurdish (Guran and Soran)
Liscio / all-around
Choro, samba ja bossanova
Salsa band with all the spices
Guinean malinké rhytms and dances
Argentine tango and tango nuevo, gipsy jazz
Roma music
Jewish music
A fusion of Zimbabwean Mbira and pop elements
Balinese traditional temple dance
Nepalese music
West African Mandinka music
Flamenco harmonies with Finnish melancholy
Latin / urban music
World music, jazz, pop as well as free improvisation
Afro-Funk, Afrobeat feel music with blues lyrical
Afrobeat, highlife and soukous
Tatar ethnorock
Instrumental bossa nova / lounge
Folk songs from Hawramania