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Liscio / all-around
Choro, samba ja bossanova
Salsa band with all the spices
Guinean malinké rhytms and dances
Argentine tango and tango nuevo, gipsy jazz
Roma music
Jewish music
A fusion of Zimbabwean Mbira and pop elements
Balinese traditional temple dance
Nepalese music
West African Mandinka music
Flamenco harmonies with Finnish melancholy
Latin / urban music
World music, jazz, pop as well as free improvisation
Afro-Funk, Afrobeat feel music with blues lyrical
Afrobeat, highlife and soukous
Tatar ethnorock
Instrumental bossa nova / lounge
Children's music
Fado in finnish and portugese
Kora tunes and traditional Finnish tunes.
Cuban son etc.
Traditional Moroccoan gnawa music and modern fusion
Soundscapes inspired by Japanese music and the Finnish wilderness.