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West African traditional music
Traditional Tanzanian dances accompanied with traditional Tanzanian drums
Flamenco and Andalucian music
Guaguancó, son, bolero, guaracha
Music inspired by Flamenco and Castilian folk with influences from the Middle East and Latin America.
The West African music and dance tradition meets contemporary dance and Western music for the babies and their parents in an atmospheric art moment.
Jug band music
Original reggae music, with natural african influence
Roma music
Russian folk music
Greek pop music
West African griot tradition fusion
Georgian tradional music
Afro modern and tradional, hip hop reggae
Authentic Turkish folk music from central Anatolia
Persian classical music
Music of the griots from Western Africa
Urban greek folk music
A combination of Jazz, Blues and Funk
Balkan folk dance
Senegalese modern and traditional music
Indonesian gamelan
Traditional Kurdish (Guran and Soran)