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Gildas Houessou is young and energetic performer and teacher. He plays solo or with his band Vodou-Land Band. His music is based on traditional West African rhythms. He also teaches African music and dance.

This musician, originally from Benin, West Africa, moved to Finland in 2008 and settled down in Salo. He has been performing and teaching African music and dance around southern Finland from year 2006. One year after he founded Beninese-Finnish Vodou-Land Band, whose music is based on West African traditional vodou rhythms. Nowadays Houessou is eagerly studing Finnish. He also writes almost all the songs of the band. As a performer Houessou is cheerful, charismatic and absorbing. As a teacher his students have found him warmhearted and positively encouraging educator. Houessou gets along easily with students of all ages.

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Technical Information

Performing in flexible assemblies, max 1,5 - 2 hours. Rather with sound system, but in small interiors fully acoustic performance is possible.


Gildas Houessou
Meisalantie 117
25210 Vartsala
Tel. +358 (0) 44 219 21 82