Savoy Theatre and Vuotalo  - Lippupiste (

tel. 0600 900 900 (1,98€/min+call charge)

Ticket sales at Savoy Theatre is open from Tuesday to Friday 12am-2pm & 2:40pm-6pm and an hour before performances.
Ticket sales at Vuotalo is open Tue, Thu & Fri: 12am-2pm & 2:40pm-6pm and an hour before performances.
Ticket reservations for Savoy and Vuotalo from City of Helsinki Cultural Office’s phone service which is open
Tue-Sat: from 2pm to 6pm, tel: 09 310 12000 (call charge only).

Oum - 30/25/10 €
Joanna Słowińska - ‬15/12/10 €


Musiikkitalo / The Helsinki Music Centre

Topi Korhonen: Malivalssi and other songs

Tickets from Ticketmaster (  )  , ticket prices 17,50/11/6 € including Ticketmaster service fee. When you buy tickets at Musiikkitalo there is no service fee and the ticket prices are 15/10/5 €


Kuudes linja - Tiketti

Hartyga & Albert Kuvezin - 19/15 €

Service fee at Tiketti is 2,50/1,50 eur. Tel. 0600-1-1616 Call Center Mon-Sun 9–21 (1,78 € / min. + Inc)

Events at Tavastia - Tiketti

Tickets for Etnogaala in advance 20/12 € until 15.10. Tickets will be sold at the venue before the concert for 22/15 € if there are tickets left.
Taiga Club at Tavastia LOCAL = Global 20/10 €
Combined ticket to the Ethno gala and the Taiga club 35/20 €
Tel. 0600-1-1616 Call Center Mon-Sun 9–21 (1,78 € / min. + Inc)


Mikael Agricola Church
Misas Criollas
Free entrance, program 15 €. You may buy the program at the entrance. You may also make reservations for tickets and programs in advance:


Reduced price tickets

Reduced price tickets are available for:

-children under 12
-military- and civilian servicemen


10% discount on tickets for groups over 10.*

* Applies for tickets at Savoy Theatre and Vuotalo concerts
* Group tickets cannot be bought online.
* Applies only to normally-priced tickets.

Please notice: Special price 10 eur/ticket for students and children 3-16-years at these two concerts: Oum/Savoy Theatre and Joanna Słowińska/Vuotalo.

Tickets are on sale at the door an hour before performances if the event isn’t sold out.